Mojocat Creative Service offers video, motion graphics and interactive media. Mojocat was born in the 90’s as a tech company helping internet companies launch eCommerce and and web based businesses. The name Mojocat has meaning too. Mojo as in voodoo or magic and CAT is an acronym for Creative Approaches to Technology. The 90s was a great time for business and Mojocat thrived. I also like to think we picked up a bit of the magic generated by the Seattle music scene.

Jeff_Tillett_photoMojocat founder Jeff Tillett has over 25 years in the creative space. Jeff has worked with companies like Apple, Adobe, T-Mobile and Microsoft to name a few. Jeff’s background working as an Instructional Designer gives him a distinct advantage in creating media that not only gets the message across but also in engaging.


It’s been very exciting to have my son Evan working with me and being part of Mojocat.

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Evan is very talented and has been making videos and being creative since he was a kid. I am very proud to see him choose a career path that he is able to leverage his creativity and express himself. Evan recently graduated from Bellevue Collage with a degree in media arts. After graduating Evan stayed on to get a certificate allowing him to get lots of hands on experience in the studio and working on professional projects, like the great work he did for the city of Bellevue.

To learn more about us and keep up on the latest happenings, thoughts and philosophies check out our blog. Adventures of Mojotillett


Video Production

We at Mojocat have a very diverse background in video production. Jeff has done video for many companies including Apple, Adobe, T-Mobile, Microsoft and more. Jeff background as an Instructional Designer helps him create effective and engaging video content. Evan Tillett brings his expertise in motion graphics and special effects to the mix. Evan is a graduate of Bellevue Collage with a not only a degree in Media Arts but he stayed on an extra year so he could also get the certificate and experience of working in the studio. Our combined background, experience creativity is our secret weapon. We are excited to put all this to work for your next project.

Here is one of our latest videos for our friends at Rain City NW & Keller Williams. This is a listing video like no other.


Drone Services

Drone video and photography is one of the things that set us apart from our competition. We believe in the value it adds to our product. We have used drone as well as GoPro video for many different projects. You name it will rig it and film it. We will take pride in our adventure photography and video. It’s fun and we believe when we have fun it shows in our work. So if you are looking for someone to film something unusual or that seems like it may be a tricky shot to get. We’re up for the challenge!!!



Mojocat can provide a variety of professional photography. Founder and creative director Jeff Tillett is an award winning photographer and has a background in wildlife and natural photography. We can also give you that quality real estate photograph or series of High Dynamic Rage photos for that next listing. Or maybe you are looking for product shots for your next catalog. At mojocat we have an eye for design and will give you the the shot you are looking for.



At Mojocat we value good conversation and sharing in the creative process. We believe that our best work starts with a mutual curiosity and the exploration of ideas. Each new project has the potential to be our magnum opus, our master piece or in other words we think we can crush this.


Give us a call 206-979-1894 or drop us a line jeff@mojocat.com